FY 2019 LPVRS Officers
By LPVRS Volunteers
July 1, 2018

Congratulations to the newly elected and appointed officers of the Lexington Park Volunteer Rescue Squad.

Operational Officers

Chief: Shawn Davidson
Assistant Chief: Dave Klobnock
ALS Deputy Chief: Mike Cahall
BLS Deputy Chief: Joe Walker
Captain: Ken Hicks
Captain: Zach Arends
Lieutenant 39A Ali Spence-Best
Lieutenant 39B Grant Evitts
Lieutenant 39C Alex Klee
Lieutenant 39D Cory Harrop
Lieutenant 38A Emma Miller
Lieutenant 38B Kim Moore
Lieutenant 38C Megan Acker
Lieutenant 38D Tabor Burkhardt
Supply Officer: Tracey Byrne
Station 38 Sergeant Sam Boles
Station 39 Sergeant Mike Killen
QA Officer: Leanne Hicks
Asst QA Officer: Taylor Large
Asst QA Officer: Kelly Bell
Chief Engineer: Ralph Stotler
Asst Chief Engineer: Mike Krier
Engineer 39: Mike Langley
Engineer 38: Scott Strandberg
Safety Officer: Donna Voorhaar
Safety 39: Kim Adams
Safety 38: Curt Sproul
Health Officer: Kristina Sproul
Driver Safety Officer: Linda Miedzinski
Driver Training Lead: Brian Joy
Mentor Coordinator: James Dennison
Training Officer: Bill Klee
Orientation Coordinator: Suelynn Klee

Administrative Officers

President: Pat Davidson
Vice President: Stacey Phillips
Recording Secretary: David Miedzinski
Corresponding Secretary: Linda Miedzinski
Treasurer: Tracey Byrne
Board of Director: Betsy Myers
Board of Director: Mark Miller

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