RAK for December
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
December 20, 2019

1. Safety Officer CURT SPROUL

-"He is one of the Safety Officers and has taken it upon himself to make a power point presentation of our Safety Lecture for Pre-Basic. For many years we have used an outline to make sure we hit all of the areas we think should be covered. Curt took his personal time to make the presentation. This will surely help the "students" as visuals stick with a person more than just speaking. He has made our job easier. The presentation is so easy anyone can come in and teach the class."

2. Communications Officer KATIE BUCHHOLZ

-"She took it upon herself to update and build new Special Patient care books for every ambulance. This had nothing to do with her job and everything to do with how Katie does business."

3) Recording Secretary CATHY MILLER

-"I wanted to nominate Cathy Miller for setting up Thanksgiving dinner for the crews and making pies. We appreciate her and her effort. "

-"I would like to nominate Cathy Miller for the RAK Award. Cathy is going above and beyond to build moral in the squad. Cathy not only comes up with ideas for events and surprises to encourage members to show up for meetings, build unit cohesiveness and encourage us to think of other members in time of need, but goes out of her way to ensure they come to fruition. Cathy goes above and beyond regularly ... This is just one of the many ways I could nominate her."