December's Officer of the Month and Squad Person of the Month
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
December 21, 2019

We are very pleased to announce our very own Officer of the Month for December is Assistance Chief Ken Hicks. During the month of November and some of December, he stepped up and filled the shoes of NOT only his position as Assistance Chief but also as our Chief, while he was ill! In doing so he still ran 166 hours of duty for the month, attended numerous meetings and maintaining the daily activities that go along with both jobs of the Squad.

Our Squad Person of the Month is Sergeant Chrystal Oates. Chrystal received her EMT this year through the Rescue Squad and ever since then has been non-stop! She routinely runs over 100 hours of duty a month, helps the other Officers with filling our duty schedule by making calls or running herself while maintaining her full-time job outside of the Rescue Squad. In the month of November, Chrystal ran over 250 hours of duty along with her Sergent duties.

Please take some time and when you see Ken and Chrystal around the Squad say Thank you, but also in doing so remember to say THANK YOU to each other for the tremendous job that WE ALL DO every day. Without each and every one of us volunteering our time LPVRS wouldn't exist but then none of the volunteer organizations would. So as the Recording Secratary of LPVRS, I would like to take this opportunity to say to each and every member of EVERY volunteer Organization in St. Marys County THANK YOU for all that you do in helping OUR community.