January RAK
By Recording Secertary Cathy Miller
January 17, 2020

"Every day, every month, there are members who go outside of the norm to do something kind. They don't do it for attention or because they were told to do it. They do it simply because they feel it needs to be done." Tracey Bryne

Nominated by members of this department, our recipient of the Random Act of Kindness Awards for January is:

Member: Chris Anderson

"I would like to nominate Chris Anderson for the RAK award. When the announcement came out about spare gloves being moved, he immediately texted me and asked if I wanted him to go to both stations and make the change to save me a trip because he knows I live in Hollywood and he's close to both stations. Truly a random act of kindness in my opinion."

For washing all the apparatus at their respective stations:
At Station 39: Michael Bowen and Josh Katz
At Station 38: Zach Arends, Austin Williams, Craig Denbleyker

For ensuring that the day of the DAK event, our guests were not disturbed by a clean up after a motor vehicle accident:
Duty Crew: Cain Sauer and Naomi Bowles

Congratulations to all of them. And thank you to our members for seeing what we, the officers, don't always see. As always, thank you for all you do.

Thank you to Tracey Bryne for your submission.