April Squad Person of the Month and Officer's of the Month
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
April 23, 2020

This month's Squad Person of the Month is Keith Schukraft. Keith was nominated by the Officers of the Rescue Squad because of his dedication to our community and all the extra help he has given in the last month. Along with running well over 60 hours of duty he also helped with other jobs around the Rescue Squad buildings. Keith also helped with the task of helping to install the stretchers into our new ambulances with our Engineers. Keith became a member of the Rescue Squad in 2016 and has been an Active Driver ever since.

Our Officers of the Month are Sherri Tolson and Chrystal Oates. Both of these Officers were nominated by their peers once again because of the hard work and dedication not only to our community but to the members of the Rescue Squad, especially at this time during the crisis of COVID-19 affecting all of us. Between both of them, they routinely run over 300 hours monthly along with their other jobs assigned to them with their positions. Sherri and Chrystal are both extremely dedicated to our community and OUR Rescue Squad.

CONGRATULATIONS! and keep up the great work.