Squad Person of the Month and Officer of the Month for June
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
June 12, 2020

June’s Squad Person of the Month is Crystal Jackson. She has been an Active member with us since 2005. She was nominated because of her dedication not only to our Rescue Squad but also to our Community during the State of Emergency with COVID. Crystal is a driver for the Squad and runs well over what is required of an Active member each month.

June's Officer of the month is our Vice President Lori Marsh. She has been a volunteer in St. Mary's County EMS for 15 years serving as an EMT-IV Tech, PC and Driver and has also included Safety Officer, Assistant Engineer, Recruitment Officer, IT Officer, Physical Security as well as part of the Supply team and Records/Personnel Management for our Squad. She is also a Field Training Coach, Field Training Coach Trainer, Primary Care Trainer. Along with her training she has held positions of Lieutenant, Captain, Logistics Officer, IT Officer, Information Systems Manager, and is currently our Vice President and Chief Network Officer. As VP she is an intricate part of our Orientation team to assist with new members coming into the Rescue Squad. Along with all of these responsibilities Lori also maintains the requirements of an Active member.

Congratulations to both of our members on this great achievement.


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