July Squad Person of the Month and Officer of the Month
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
July 21, 2020

This month Squad Person of the month is Austin Hicks. Austin started with the Rescue Squad as a Junior member while still in High School. Austin has helped out with any job that he’s been asked to do and run extra duties whenever asked along with his regular shifts. He graduated this year from Great Mills High School and has enlisted into the US Marine Corps. We will be sorry to see Austin go but wish him as much success in the Military as he has had with our Rescue Squad.

We are very proud to announce that Officer of the Month for our Rescue Squad is Melissa Gould. Melissa started her volunteer service with Bay District Volunteer Fire Department as an Associate, their fund raising/support committee and then decided to join the Rescue Squad as a member and obtained her EMT. Melissa is also the Squads MSFA/SMVFA representative which requires her to attend monthly meetings around the Southern MD area. Along with her regular duties of running on the ambulance and as an associate she has also accepted her newest appointment as our Supply Officer making sure we have the proper equipment and supplies to take care of our community.