August Squad Person of the Month and Officer Month
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
August 20, 2020

August Squad Person of the Month is Maggie Knapp. Maggie has been an active member since 2009. She was nominated because of her continued dedication to serving our Community. She continually runs over 150 hours of duty each month as one of our Primary Care Providers. Maggie is always there to help whenever needed with other jobs around the Rescue Squad whenever asked.

August Officer of the Month is Christopher Anderson being nominated by his Peers for his continued dedication to our Community and our Rescue Squad. Christopher joined our Rescue Squad in 2019. He not only runs his required duty hours but also fills in when asked by other Officers. Along with his normal duties as a Lieutenant he has spent many hours helping to fill our Duty Schedule.

Be sure to congratulate Maggie and Christopher when you see them around our Rescue Squad.