October Squad Person of the Month and Officer of the Month Are....
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
October 21, 2020

Keith Schukraft is our Squad Person of the Month and Michael Krier as our Officer of the Month.

Both of these wonderful gentlemen have put in many volunteer hours manning our ambulances during our daytime hours, through this time of the Pandemic. They both have also taken care of our buildings and helping out where they can. Mike our Engineer of our ambulance fleet making sure our ambulances are up and running for that next call. Mike is also part of our grounds crew helping out with maintaining with the lawn cuttings and grooming of the stations.

Please congratulate both of the men when you see them.

LPVRS along with ALL of the Rescue Squads County wide are always accepting applications for volunteers to come out and join your local RS's to help serve in OUR community.