February's Random Act of Kindness Award (RAK)
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
February 22, 2021

February's RAK is Colby Flecther.

I want to give a shout out to Colby Fletcher who ran with me last night and this morning. At roughly 0045 we heard a knock on the door of Station 38. Earlier we observed that someone had broken down right in front of the building. We went to see if they were all right. They were, so we went back inside. But now it seems like they needed help changing a tire. Their jack wasn't working quite right. While I can change a tire in a pinch, Colby is a bit more mechanically inclined than I am. He took the initiative to help them out. He got his hands dirty and even used the scissor jack from his own car. When the spare tire turned out to be flat, he went in and refilled it using the air compressor in the bay. It was definitely something he didn't need to do, especially at 1:00 in the morning. But it was a great service to the community. I'm sure the people that he helped will remember that it was LPVRS that lent them assistance