February's Squad Person of the Month and Officer of the Month
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
February 22, 2021

February's Squad Person of the Month is Colby Fletcher. He joined the rescue squad in November 2019 and since then has been an extremely busy member. Colby is always volunteering on the ambulance and around the buildings, helping out wherever he can. Since joining the rescue squad Colby routinely runs over 100 hours a month.

February's Officer of the Month is Shannon Hicks. Shannon joined the rescue squad in October 2002. Since then she has held many positions in the rescue squad and is currently one of our Lieutenants that helps get our ambulances out when we have an emergency call but she is also the Secretary for our Associates - our Rescue Squads fund raising side. Between the two Shannon puts in many hours working both sides making sure both of positions are adequately covered.

Congratulations to Colby and Shannon and also a HUGE thank you to ALL OF the MEMBERS for everything that you do in assuring that our community is covered when they are having their emergency and need us in their time of need.