April Squad Person of the Month and Officer of the Month
By Recording Secretary Cathy Miller
April 18, 2021

Terri Van Asdlen is our Squad Person of the Month and our Officer of the Month is Lori Marsh.

Both of them were nominated because of their dedication to the amount of time they commit to not just the Rescue Squad and our community but to the extra committee's and positions that are needed by the Rescue Squad. Terri and Lori are both the Co-Chairs for our Ambulance Committee. This committee coordinates obtaining new ambulances for our rescue squad.

Terri has been a member with the Rescue Squad since August 2017. She not only supports our active running side of the rescue squad but she also supports our Associate's who do all of our fund raising for the rescue squad. Along with the help of other squad members she helped organize our first Cake Auction last year with great success.

Lori has been a member of the rescue squad since April 2013. Along with being on the Ambulance Committee, Lori is also our IT Officer, and one of the rescue squad's CPR Instructors.

Both Terri and Lori maintain the normal requirements there are required by the rescue squad for an Active or Reserve member and at times exceeding the hours required.

Congratulations to Terri and Lori.