July Squad Person of the Month and Officer of the Month
By Captain 39 Andrew Koch
July 18, 2021

The July Squad Person of the Month is Colby Fletcher. Colby has brought an amazing amount of enthusiasm to the organization. Since he joined in November 2019, he has run over 1600 hours of scheduled duty and assisted in hundreds of calls (54 in June alone)! With his extensive contributions over the past 9 months, he’s a familiar face to most of the squad and a welcome sight on the schedule.

Colby has recently taken over as the Unit Supply Assistant for Station 39. He is also currently in the Emergency Vehicle Operator course and will be taking the Emergency Medical Technician course in August. Going forward, we expect to see more impressive things from Colby. Great work!

The July Squad Officer of the Month is Andrew Koch. Andrew joined in 2008, received his EMT in 2009, and has served in a variety of different roles in the organization. Since stepping up as Captain 39 at the beginning of the month, he has been eager to expand his contributions to the squad. From filling holes in the schedule to enhancing recruitment efforts to planning outreach, Andrew has brought a wealth of new ideas to the organization. Good work!